We are back!

Well, the title says it all. We kind of all got super busy and didn’t keep up with things on the website and streaming. Have no fear! We are back in action, with a new community gaming server and soon to be streaming again! Will have some more details in the coming days, stay tuned.

Stoic Gaming’s 7 Days To Die Server!

Hey errbody, just dropping in to let you know we have our very own 7 Days To Die server!

It’s currently setup for 16 people with no mods and decent difficulty settings. We have active admins on at most times of the day and we want to share this thing with you! So if you want to come game with the Stoic guys then head on over to here and leave us a message. We will be getting back with each person individually to get ya access.

Come game with us and help us build a community!

Streaming Tom Clancy’s The Division on Youtube Gaming!


Hey folks, Make7 here. Just wanted to let everybody know we are streaming The Division nightly on youtube! Come check us out and watch as we fail as rogues in the Dark Zone!

Here’s a quick link for the channel: Make7’s Stoic Gaming Channel

The Stoic Gaming Podcast #7: Don’t feed the hosts after midnight…


This week we discover why you should start the podcast and drinking at the same time. We discuss Minecraft Story Mode, Dark Age of Camelot, Guild Wars 2 Raids and other stuff.  This is our first stream live on our new YouTube Gaming site. Overall it went pretty well.

Listen to the Podcast

Continue past the break if you want to watch the video of the podcast.

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Fallout Shelter – Day 1


I do a quick introduction to Fallout Shelter on Android. Maybe this will turn into a full series…or not, but this gives a good rundown on how to get up and running with your new shelter.

Video after the break.

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